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    Commercial Roofing

    The roof is the most fundamental part of your building. It ensures that that you and your staff are kept safe from the elements. Your roof being in great condition is vital so that you can continue to do your business and have the confidence in knowing that your things are kept safe and sound.


    There are many roof types that we service. Our contractors are knowledgable and they work hard to provide a service that you can be proud of! Our pricing is very reasonable and we give upfront quotes in a timely manner. We treat every roof like its our own, servicing your roof while respecting the rest of your property. We have integrity with our work and we do what is planned and do not veer off into a surprise direction. We offer quality. CJ Roofing of Fort Wayne strives to be the best in the business in commercial roofing.


    We have experience with many roof applications including low slope roof systems. The majority of low slope roof systems include modified bitumen, built-up roofing and single ply membranes.


    Both modified bitumen roofing can be installed by hot asphalt, cold adhesive or torched. The single ply membranes are mechanically attached, ballasted or fully adhered. All of these roof types have a life expectancy of 15-30 years depending on the variable. We can also install a metal coating and other waterproofing measures on low slope roofs as well.


    Another type of roof system found on a low slope roof is a metal roof. Metal roofing was seen as early as Ancient Rome with bronze tiles lining the Parthenon. Lead roof tiles were seen on castles and cathedrals during the renaissance. Today, metal roofs are made from galvenized metal. Metal roofing can withstand the elements, and they help keep the building cool. Metal roof are durable and they last a long time.    


    There are a couple of systems with metal roofs. Standing seam and screw down are both types of systems. CJ Roofing of Fort Wayne has many years of experience with these types of roofs.

    A standing seam metal roof consists of a series of panels that are locked together. When the metal heats up the the panels contract freely. These panels have a pained or clear coat finish. Some metal roofs have to have a finish to ensure a watertight seal to eliminate ponding and to keep from any organic debris from corroding the materials.


    CJ roofing of Fort Wayne would love the opportunity to partner with you to make your roof the best it can be. Once you contact us for a quote, we will show up in a timely manner. Our contractors are genuinely excited to help you and kind people. We only train our team to be the best in the business both relationally and professionally. There are many options for roofers here in Fort Wayne, IN - but we strive to be the number one choice! Reach out to us today!! We look forward to speaking with you soon!