• Solar Roofs in Fort Wayne, IN

    Solar Roof

    Your home is important. You family is important. Your possessions are important. Your time and money are important. CJ Roofing of Fort Wayne values that same things that you do. We have made it our mission to proved a service that services roofs through the city of Fort Wayne, with excellence and vigor.


    Our roofs are one of the main focal points for a home. Not only does it withstand the elements on a daily basis, but it also keeps us safe from wind, rain, snow, hail, debris and all the other environmental elements. As you can see, your roof is important.


    What if your roof could do more?


    CJ Roofing of Fort Wayne has the experience necessary to install a new type of roof system. Solar Roofs.


    Solar energy has the capability of deriving clean, pure, energy from the sun. By installing solar shingles on your roof, you reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and you reduce gas emissions. There are many reasons to switch to a solar roof! These are just a few:

    • Provides Renewable Energy
    • Lowers Electric Bills
    • Low Maintenance Cost
    • Diverse Applications within the Home

    How is solar roofing possible?


    Solar shingles are roofing shingles that contain solar cells.





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